About Us :Objective

To work as an Independent Association on common issues and objectives of Airport Operators.
To maintain cordial relations between airport operators, Govt. of India and other stakeholders in the Aviation Sector and assist the airports in meeting its social and economic obligations.
To engage in dialogue with all and thereby assist the airport sector to improve and economize airport operations.
To deliver world class facilities to passengers, airlines and other stake holders.
Plan to organize workshops and seminars with active participation of MoCA/ AAI / DCGA/ AERA etc. by inviting international experts / agencies for knowledge sharing and understanding global past practices.
Strive to collect, tabulate and share valuable data / information on various aspects of airport operators, passenger safety, security, emergency planning and response, turnaround time, standardization etc. to improve the efficiency of Indian Airport Operators.
To act as a catalyst by offering a platform for exchange of innovative ideas and concepts amongst the Airports, Airlines and various stakeholders.
To facilitate co-operation and foster good relations among all member airport operators and their many and varied partners (airport users, ancillary sectors / operators such as hotel and tourism, aircraft manufacturers, airlines, cargo operators, fuel suppliers and supplier of spares) in Indian aviation, whilst maintaining an air transport system that is safe, secure, environmentally responsible and efficient for the benefit of all.
Consider all issues connected with the airport operations and to initiate or support necessary action in connection therewith, to cover the overall interest of the members of the Association.
Promote cooperation between members with regard to matters of mutual and common interest and to assist members in securing better facilities or improve the existing facilities at airports and elsewhere for the benefit of passengers / members of the Association.
To represent airport operators before the concerned Ministry and Secretaries of the Central Government or the State Governments as the case may be, in respect of their policies on the airport operations sector and other policies having a bearing on airport operations sector concerning any matters pertaining to the airport operations sector that are specifically not dealt.
To represent before any concerned world body, international organizations and to take up issues of the airport operations and work for the growth, expansion, promotion and modernization of Airport operations on par with the best in the world and for that purpose appoint committees, support, adopt and recommend modern technology and also institute a research wing etc. to advice the members of the Association.